Joyceville, Ontario K0H 1Y0




Keyes Sand & Stone

Providing quality aggregate services and products to commercial and residential customers for the past 30 years.


From landscaping material to tile beds, road bases and masonry products, you will find a full line of materials that will meet all application standards and requirements.


As a family owned company our name has come to represent honesty, integrity and excellence in customer service. We have built our reputation on integrity & reliability. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond to ensure that our customers and satisfied and are looked after in a timely manner.


Hear what our clients are saying

"Donec a ullamcorper libero, eget tempor ex. Nullam condimentum metus nec rhoncus aliquet. Vestibulum non scelerisque nulla. Cras tempor ex vel metus pharetra, in dictum sapien finibus. Fusce quis interdum tellus, non ultrices turpis. Cras ornare commodo malesuada. Proin scelerisque lorem sed velit vestibulum tempus. Morbi nec molestie dolor. Ut sollicitudin risus dapibus neque sollicitudin, eget aliquet arcu dignissim. Proin vel nibh non lectus hendrerit interdum ullamcorper id nisl. Ut placerat orci a lacus rutrum tincidunt. Nam turpis eros, convallis quis est nec, sagittis molestie tellus. Praesent tincidunt ante ullamcorper tincidunt porta."

Jane Test June 21, 2019

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