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We offer many different types of high quality sand products. Please contact us to determine the right product for your project.

Masonry brick sand product | Keyes Sand & Stone

Masonry Sand

Also known as Brick Sand is a finely textured sand used as a mix with cement for bricklaying or under pool liners.

restoration sand | Keyes Sand & Stone

Restoration Sand

is a more coarse masonry sand used in restorative masonry projects in heritage buildings.

Hydro trenching sand | Keyes Sand & stone

Hydro/ Trenching Sand

This soft sand is typically used for installation and maintenance of electrical conduits, water lines, gas piping, and underground hydro wires.

Concrete sand product | Keyes Sand & Stone

Concrete Sand

Concrete Sand is a coarse sand which can be used under pavers and as well as a mix with cement.

Arena sand | Keyes Sand & Stone

Arena Sand

Mainly used for horse stables and riding arenas, this high-quality sand is a blended mixture of loamy sand and coarse sand designed to prevent hardening while also providing drainage.

Winter Sand

winter sand is a clean, coarse sand designed to help provide traction in winter conditions.

Asphalt sand | Keyes Sand & Stone

Asphalt Sand

Unscreened Fill

Sand clay fill for landscaping | Keyes Sand & Stone

Sand/Clay Fill

A compactible backfill material. Sand Fill is generally used to fill in low areas around homes or septic beds.

3” Minus Crushed Granite

This crushed rock with fine particles is used for fine grading under paved surfaces, such as driveways and pathways.

Golf course top dressing sand | Keyes Sand & Stone

Golf Course Top Dressing Sand

This sand is a finely screened clean sand generally used in the aeration process of golf greens.

Golf course top dressing peat mix sand product | Keyes Sand & Stone

Golf Course Top Dressing Peat Mix

This product is a blend of our screened golf course top dressing sand and organic peat moss. This is typically blended in a 60/40 sand/peat mix, but can be blended to any specification.

Golf course top dressing sand | Keyes Sand & Stone

Sports Field Top Dressing

This top dressing is specially made to rejuvenate sports fields. This top dressing is made of sand, peat and compost mix and is screened to ensure ease of spreading.

Tile bed sand product | Keyes Sand & Stone

Tile Bed Sand